Already in 2018, your generosity and kindness is making an impact. 

In February, our local maintenance team, led by our lead pump technician Macaire, restored water access to the village of Kpakpa! Macaire was able to do a major overhaul and repair 2 water pumps, which had been broken for years. Now, the people of Kpakpa are excited to stay enrolled in regular preventative maintenance services, working together with Macaire and his team to keep their clean water flowing! Across all of the pumps that Water for Good maintains, functionality rates are above 90%.

How will your generosity help END water poverty?

By 2030, we will scale this work and end water poverty for every man, woman, and child in one of the world’s most vulnerable countries, the Central African Republic (CAR)… for Good! The next step toward achieving that vision will be reaching everyone in one focus region, Mambéré-Kadéï, with clean water access and maintenance services by 2020.

2018 is the kickoff! We’ve committed to drilling 80 new wells in Mambéré-Kadéï this year and we need your help! Local staff have already started a needs assessment to determine the right locations, creating the roadmap for this year’s wells, all the way to 100% water coverage. We are also increasing the reach of the maintenance teams and improving the services we deliver to communities. Finally, we are working with the Central African government, which will be critical to help make sure that the work we are doing is aligned with the country’s vision for development.

Join us this year, as we showcase the lives your generosity will benefit.

Spring into Action!

Are you DONE with winter? We’re ready for April showers to turn to May flowers. Meanwhile, in the Central African Republic, it’s the end of the dry season. This means people are facing some of the hottest days of the year.  It’s not uncommon to see scenes like this one below: a woman using an umbrella to get a break from the sun’s rays and extreme heat! This is also a time when people face even more difficulty getting enough water for all of their household needs.

You make a difference in the lives of thousands of people in this country. Every day, you help ensure that clean, life-saving safe water is available, even in the hottest part of dry season, and for the next generation!

Here are some ways you can join the movement to END water poverty in the Central African Republic today:

Invite friends to screen a video about the Water for Good and CAR at your home! Email us at if you’re interested.

Fundraise or donate $3,000 to help provide a new well for a community in need!

Come with Water for Good on a vision trip! Email us at to find out more!

Just $40/month covers the cost of preventative maintenance to keep the clean water flowing year-after-year!