Vision Trips

Travel to the Heart of Africa with Water for Good

Water for Good invites you to visit the Central African Republic, one of the most neglected, but beautiful and remote countries in the world. Through your visit, you will come to deeply understand the water needs of the people.

I already knew about the water crisis in CAR, but now I feel like I understand. There is a real difference between knowing and understanding.

-Visitor to the CAR with Water for Good

Each trip itinerary is customized and designed for your group.

Contact: info@waterforgood.org for more information and to start planning your trip.

Most vision trips include:
  • Visits to water wells that Water for Good drilled or maintains,
  • Travel to see how local technicians maintain water wells across their country,
  • Visits with our local staff and their families,
  • Sight seeing at various ecological sites including: a rainforest reserve with elephants and gorillas, water falls, rainforest ecosystems.

Trip types

  • Vision Trip
  • Ecotourism
  • Professional Service


The estimated cost per person depends entirely on the length of your stay, accommodations, itinerary and departure location. However, the typical cost for a US visitor is $4,000 USD. 


Water for Good trips are focused on giving you a clearer vision of the work being done in the Central African Republic. Volunteer work trips are limited to those that have specialized expertise. In contrast, we hesitate to send western visitors to complete tasks and projects that could be done by local people. If we can get the job done by hiring local workers, that’s what we do. 

We invite you to visit this unique country, build relationships across cultures and continents, fellowship, and see the work! If you have any questions about these guidelines, we want to hear from you. Please email info@waterforgood.org


Many short-term service trips are actually detrimental to the very people they’re trying to serve, even though they’re well-meaning. Want to learn more? 



The Central African Republic is extremely underdeveloped and is recovering from a civil war (2012-2015). The country continues to face periodic violent incidents, especially in rural and remote areas. We have travel policies, security procedures, and a staff person in the capital city of Bangui dedicated specifically to keeping all our employees and visitors posted on the latest security concerns.

As you plan a vision trip, we will be glad to answer any questions you have and build an itinerary that addresses all security and safety concerns.


Dzanga-Sangha Reserve

The Central African Republic is home to unique ecological diversity.  Water for Good can help visitors make their way to a variety of these sites, most spectacularly, the Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve in the region of Bayanga, located in the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park. This is a protected area of Southwestern Central African Republic. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) oversees the area and the tourist activities to guarantee ethical and responsible forest adventures.

The forest is dense and lush, and is the home of all sorts of animals, reptiles, birds and insects. The Sangha River gently crosses the entire reserve. Gazelles, elephants, silver-back gorillas, hippopotamus and birds of all colors are there for you to see.

This region is also home to unique cultural diversity. Visitors can spend time with the indigenous Ba’Aka pygmy communities. You can learn about their traditional methods of net hunting, or accompany Ba’Aka women as they show you the medicinal and other uses of forest plants, or hear performances of their unique music.