The Belle Montagne community received a solar-powered pump system this summer!

Follow along to see clean water provided to more than 2,500 people.

{February 2nd}  While waiting for rebel activity to decrease, our team started making the bricks necessary for the five tap stands. Each tap stand is a water-access point for the community.

{March 23} Construction begins with the foundation of the tank system.

{March 25} The team completes the foundation of the tank system and started on constructing the five tap stands.

{March 27} The installation of the 10,000 gallon tank system takes several men.

{April 1} Miles of trenches, three feet deep, were hand dug to connect each tap stand to the tank system.

{April 17} The solar panel structure, which converts the sunshine into electricity, is assembled.

{April 30} So close to completing the system! One of the final steps is connecting the pipes to the solar-powered pump system.

{May 15} The team holds a ceremony to present the new system to the community.

{May 29} Imagine the joy! After the water test came back clear, the villagers can start using their new system!

Thank you for your support!