Continued learning and innovation will accelerate progress toward Sustainable Development Goal 6.1 and will ensure sustainable water services for all people in the Central African Republic.

At Water for Good, we develop and share best practices alongside our partners: One For All, the WASH Agenda for Change, the Uptime consortium, the Accord Network, and the Safe Water Enterprise Community of Practice, as well as local and national partners in the Central African Republic.

In the featured publications below, we share our experiences, research and learning on topics including system-strengthening strategies for fragile-state contexts, preventative maintenance service models, service benchmarks and performance-based funding.

Recent publications

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Conversations with Collaboration Champions is a podcast series from Agenda for Change, focused on sharing stories, events and resources that highlight collaborative approaches to WASH-systems strengthening. The podcast is hosted by Alec Shannon, Interim Coordinator of Agenda for Change. Check back regularly for more episodes!