A Legacy
Made Simple

A Legacy
Made Simple

Your legacy gift can help solve the water crisis, for good, in one of the world’s most forgotten countries. We know you worked very hard for your money, and we can assure you that each dollar you generously donate will turn around and impact generations to come.

Your choice, for good!

You control: Assets will remain in your control during your lifetime. 

Easy to do: Bequests and beneficiary designations are simple to plan.

Revocable: You can change your gift designation at any time. 

Tax benefits: Funds passing by beneficiary designation are not subject to income or estate tax. 

Avoid probate: Avoid the delays and costs of probate by designating your beneficiary.

Your choice: Your gift can be for all or a percentage of your estate or asset(s).

Designate your generosity





Because everyone’s situation is different, we encourage you to seek professional counsel before deciding on a course of action. This information does not constitute legal or financial advice.