There is HOPE

We can end the water crisis in our lifetime.


Since Water for Good was founded in 2004, the number of people without access to safe, clean water has dropped by 40%. Together, we have played a small but significant role in one of the poorest countries in the world.

What can one person, one family, or one company do?


We are inspired by one small-town company in Indiana. MudLOVE is a ceramics business that gives back: every product purchased provides one week of safe, clean water to someone in need.

Now, MudLOVE is inspiring more and more companies to join the “give back” movement.

MudLOVE and their customers have provided thousands of kids with clean water. Children and their families are living healthier lives. Luke Wright, the founder and owner of MudLOVE, visited the Central African Republic to see the work his company supports.

MudLOVE products have become a tool for their customers to share their own stories and find inspiration. Their mugs open meaningful conversations. The simple words on a MudLOVE band take on powerful significance for so many people!

The Bachelor Gives Back


One MudLOVE customer started a campaign that made a huge impact: Ben Higgins was the bachelor on The Bachelor, and he’s from the same small town in Indiana as MudLOVE. On the show, he wore a simple Hope band made by MudLOVE to raise awareness for a cause he cares about, the Humanity and Hope United Foundation. As part of a special campaign, Get Hope Give Hope, fans of the show ordered thousands of bands. MudLOVE gave 50% of the proceeds to Ben’s cause and continued their donation to Water for Good.

“It hit me…Everyone involved is from the same town, with the same intentions to do good. In an environment where romantic love is at the forefront, my desire is to have an impact through loving others in a bigger way.”

-Ben Higgins of The Bachelor.

Ben boosted sales, helping his cause AND Water for Good. As a result, we purchased a new truck that will keep the clean water flowing for more than 100,000 people in CAR, saving lives every day.

What can you do? Be Like Ben.


Of course, most MudLOVE customers are less famous. But, lots of people use MudLOVE products for their own causes and own fundraisers. People raise funds for adoptions, for medical expenses, for missions trips, and the list goes on and on.

Use MudLOVE for your next fundraiser!
The point is: by telling their stories and supporting brands that give back, everyday people are changing the world.