Ever wonder how we got our start? Let me take you back.

After a childhood spent in the Central African Republic, I sought to follow in my parent’s footsteps, attending Grace College and Seminary in Indiana with the intent to return to the mission field. 

Once I had finished my degree, I immediately returned to CAR in 1977, this time newly married. Faye and I spent the next 20 years implementing a literacy campaign which was in over 200 schools, providing bilingual literature in both French and Sango. During those years, we also had the blessing of raising 4 children. The country where we had called home faced increasing political turmoil and violence.

Life took a turn in 2002.

In 2003, the CAR experienced a violent coup, and the mission evacuated all of its American staff and the mission organization. We chose to return to the United States although my heart remained with the Central Africans.

About three years later, Faye approached me and said she was ready to consider returning. I was blown away as Faye had previously talked about our time in the Central African Republic being over. When I overcame my surprise, I asked what had changed her mind. Faye explained that as soon as I stopped talking to her about Africa, God started. He’d been working on her for the last few years, and she was finally ready to have a conversation with me. 

We both agreed that if we were to return to Africa, we wanted to make it a priority to “empower and train” the nationals in a way that would continue the work long after we left.

Well, you guessed it. We did return…but this time with a different mission!

Stay tuned for my next post about how Water for Good was born. Can’t wait? Grab a copy of my book, One Drop of Water!