Give clean water so kids like Dieu Merci can go to school and reach for their dreams

“My clothes are dirty and I don’t have a way to wash them, so I can’t go to school.” — Dieu Merci

About Dieu Merci

Dieu Merci is a 12-year-old boy with dreams to graduate and become a soccer star or an entrepreneur. But right now, he can’t even attend school.

This smart, young boy, whose name means “Thank God” loves school and works hard to read and learn all that he can.

But Dieu Merci doesn’t have clean water to wash his clothes. And this can lead to dangerous and contagious illnesses that would put the other students’ health at risk or even threaten their lives.

And so, for the safety of the other children, they won’t let him in the door, until he has clean water to wash his clothes.

For many, dreams are inherent.

Of course we tell the children in our lives that they can be whatever they want. Because every kid should be able to have and go after their dreams.

But Dieu Merci can’t chase his dreams, because they won’t even let him in the door.

But you can change all of that!

With your help Dieu Merci, the boy whose name means “Thank God” would be able to attend school, study his heart out and accomplish his dreams.

And all you need to do is just add water.