Impact FAQ

 5000 Drops Campaign

What is the impact of my donation?


Your $25 donation to the 5000drops campaign provides a year of clean water for 4 people by funding a portion of the total costs of Water for Good’s well drilling and water pump maintenance programs. Please note that the funding is not directed exclusively to one water project at one location.

Why the GPS coordinates?


On each blue drop added to the Tesla, there is a GPS location. The GPS location is provided to create a link between you and the people of a community where Water for Good currently maintains the well & pump. We will provide impact stories from these communities as together we ensure that clean water keeps flowing to communities like these all over CAR.

How is my $25 used?


  • 80% = 20$ goes to Water for Good to cover the total cost of Water for Good providing and sustaining clean water to 4 people in Central African for 1 year.
  • 20% = $5 dollars goes to fundraising campaign costs


For more information on Water for Good’s finances please visit their website at:

Water for Good practices full cost impact transparency. For more information on the importance of full cost transparency see: