We put a brave team to work counting everyone in our focus region, Mambéré-Kadéï, which is the size of Massachusetts. For 14 months, they ventured in one of the poorest countries in the world, gathering data that is vital to our mission.

As you can imagine,

this was not a simple task.

The roads in the Central African Republic are anything but easy to travel. With only 415 miles of paved roads, a majority of the driving time is spent on narrow, red dirt roads with no signs indicating where you need to turn next. 

Imagine driving down a road with no signs, restaurants, gas stations, or any clear indicator of where you are. That’s the Central African Republic.


Before heading out on the journey, Izabela and her team would fill up gas containers at the Water for Good base. They would then secure them on top of the Water for Good truck and head to their next destination. Occasionally, the team would resort to walking if the truck was not able to access the villages. 

Once arriving at the villages, the team would get to work meeting with the village chief and a few residents. Izabella would collect the notebook that had been given to the village weeks earlier. In the notebook, they were instructed to write out all the names of the people living in their village. This was also no small task due to the limited education often found in the rural Central African Republic.

The team traveled around an area the size of Massachusetts and completed the project at the beginning of 2019. Stay tuned for the astounding results.