Know Your Impact!

Every $5  provides 1 year of clean water to 1 person in the Central African Republic.


How do we estimate the impact of your generosity?

We’re lean. We’re transparent. And we don’t use tricky formulas. $5 includes all the expenses to ensure that each well is successful. That means both direct and indirect costs such as administrative, fundraising and general expenses to operate a healthy organization are part of our numbers. It’s everything it takes to achieve the impact we promise.

Richard Klopp

Water for Good CPO

The Overhead Myth

Imagine running your business without a general operating fund. Imagine trying to sell a product without a sales team. If that seems impossible, then why do we think that nonprofits can solve the world’s biggest problems without spending money on overhead (general operating expenses) and fundraising (sales)?

Why would we think that a % ratio between what we spend on operations & fundraising and what we spend on diesel fuel, geological surveys, and cell phone credits would tell you, the donor, anything important about how much impact your money is having on the lives of the people of CAR? Truth is – it doesn’t.

Instead we simply let you in on the full costs. Then you decide if the impact we produce is a good use of your money. No tricky formulas. No anonymous donors paying the costs so you don’t have to. Just pure impact costs delivered to you straight up… and you decide.


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