Carnot on a dirt road, we came to the small village of Gbocko Boutane (pronounced like Boko Bu-tan). Surrounded by lush greenery, we climbed out of our truck to be greeted by the 90-year-old village chief, Andre Bonde and his 92-year-old wife, Yvonne Nabo.

In their village,

there are houses on each side of the road, with a large shared community kitchen area. Typically, homes have individual fire pit areas in their front yard, not necessarily one specific place where the whole village cooks, like is found here. However, the people of Gbocko Boutane store their food in shared barrels with a handmade lid to keep the bugs and critters away. This communal kitchen brings the concept of neighborhood meals to a whole new level!

The village chief and his wife, Andre Bonda and Yvonne Nabo, were excited about our visit because their people have been walking over an hour and a half each day to retrieve dirty water. They knew the appearance of our white and blue truck meant that hopefully, help is on the way. They are tired of the constant sicknesses passed around the village due to unclean water.

THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO TO HELP ANDRE AND YVONNE’S COMMUNITY. With your support, we can bring clean water quickly to his village and eliminate water poverty in Gbocko Boutane.