Let’s Get 10 Pumps a Pumping

Thank you for partnering with us and spreading the light of Jesus through our 10 solar-powered pumps fundraising project. With your help, we are hopeful 2021 will find over 20,000 Central Africans drinking from a clean water source!

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This Christmas, let’s help Water for Good bring one solar-powered pump to a town that desperately needs clean water. Just $30 will help cover the cost of building and maintaining this pump for one person.

12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 pumps a pumping…let’s help Water for Good build 10 solar-powered pumps next year!

As you read this, there are millions living without clean water. During this season of giving, would you join our church in supporting Water for Good? Together, we hope to build 10 solar-powered pumps next year!

Your Church’s Impact

Need assistance? Please drop us an email info@waterforgood.org
Thank you for your support!