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YOU can bring life-saving clean water to people in the Central African Republic.

What will you do?


  • Host a pancake breakfast?
  • Climb a mountain?
  • Find people to sponsor your 5k run?


Get creative and involve your community!

How it works:


  • Choose your campaign (options below).
  • Get creative… will you host an event, complete a personal challenge, donate your birthday, do a bake sale? The options are limitless. You’re in charge.
  • Create your personalized fundraising page. It’s fast, easy, and all online donations are secure
  • Share your page. The best way to reach your goal is to send personalized messages to family and friends, inviting them to donate and help you reach your goal. Let them know that you’re inviting them into a life-saving cause. Be sure to thank all the awesome people who donate and support you along the way!
  • Reach your goal and celebrate!

If you need any help along the way, we’re here! (574) 635-1401

Get Started

Choose a campaign that fits you!

Co-Fund a new water well

Raise $3,000 to co-fund a new community well!

You can help drill a new water well in Central Africa. Water for Good will match the funds you raise with one of our partners. Together, you’ll be saving lives. After the well is drilled, you get a complete report with photos, information on the community, and a map with the GPS location of the new well you helped us drill!

Sponsor a village pump

Raise $480 to cover a year of maintenance for one community!

You can keep the clean water flowing for a community in Central Africa, sponsoring maintenance that will be completed by our local service teams. This is the key to sustainability! Every time the local teams visit your well (twice per year), you will get a report with a map, GPS location of the pump, and updates on what repairs were made to the well!

You decide!

Set your own goal! Every $5 provides a year of clean water for 1 person!

You can set your fundraising goal, know your impact, and get started today! Every $5 provides a year of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic.

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